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MAY is here!

Please stop by our FB and Instagram pages for updates on sales as well as scrolling through the listings here on our site.

If you don't see what you are looking for right away, call me! I am always happy to help.

Dayton Folks-I have a long driveway but you are welcome to come pick up your order.

On-line orders-You can always PM me and we can FaceTime and I will go through the fabrics with you, it's almost being here. I do my best to help save you on shipping charges every time!

Thank you so much for your business, I appreciate you all! m

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Who We Are...

Long ago, in a land far, far away... just kidding. My grandmother introduced me to hand sewing when I was six, and I was hooked. By the age of twelve I was using my moms sewing machine and for my Sweet Sixteen I received my very own. Her name is Faithful, and she has travelled the world with my family and I over the years.

I believe sewing is a skill that once learned can never be taken away. Like riding a bike. Also, should be enjoyed with the finest fabrics and tools. I mean why not? We only dance once, and you want to do it in the prettiest shoes! m