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We are open Tuesday-Thursday 10-5:30 and Friday 10-3!


Give us a call and we will give you directions to the shop!


Sew & Sews Place, LLC, was opened in 2006, by a woman who deeply loves fabric. Namely me-Molly. I became frustrated at not being able to find fabrics that I wanted to spend my time, energy and money on. I have been sewing since I was six, mostly for myself. I have quilted and made home decor, but my true love is clothing. Now I have a shop full of dressmaker and designer fabrics that I enjoy spending my time, energy and money on, and I hope you will too!

All of these fabrics are hand-picked by me, none are bought on-line. I touch and feel everything first! Swatches are just too much fun! The prices are very reasonable. I’m an avid shopper, and I look at it as a challenge to find the best prices for both of us.

Our staff is really cool too. They all have their niche’s they enjoy teaching, and we brainstorm on new ideas for classes. That means our schedule changes most every month. Most of ladies are moms, with family responsibilities, just like most of the students. That means not all the classes run all the time. Let us know when you would like to have a class scheduled and what you are interested in learning, bring a friend or two, and we will do our best to schedule one for you!

Fabrics and patterns are always changing and being added to; we aren’t your everyday average fabric shop.  You won’t find my fabrics in a shop down the road. I buy small quantities of designer over-runs. Most of the time once a fabric is gone-it’s gone. I won’t be able to get any more. So if you like it, buy it.

As for patterns, I carry patterns from independent designers, not the ‘big4′ (although we may use them in classes). Most of these designers are located here in the US and a few are from Canada. They don’t get into pricing wars like the other guys and the airlines, and they actually listen to your feedback on their product lines! So look for patterns from Sew ChicAmy Butler, Jennifer Pagnelli, Collette, Pettites Plus, The Sewing Workshop and Indygo Junction.

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