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All kinds of glorious fabrics in the shop and we are just sewing and creating along. If you have any requests please let us know. m

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Aug 30, 2017-Ch-ch-changes… Sing along with me! Here comes another one. I’m going to be making adjustments to the website, I believe for the better in the long run. Here is the link to sign up for classes until it is just a button on the new site in the meantime. Thank you for your continued love and support. m



Topic Idea Bucket
Topic Idea Bucket

Aug 21, 2017-Sweet Coleman came over and I ‘sweet-talked’ her into picking a topic out of the bucket that I keep putting ideas into! She chose, all on her own, Cable Holders. Sounds great to me! They are a really great project for us to start with, good ice-breaker and a wonderful project for not only back to school but for Christmas gift giving too! There is plenty of time for new seamstresses to learn how to master these few techniques, and practiced hands to use up small bits! (Great job blindly choosing Sweet Coleman!) I will get to work right now. The rest of you mark your calendars and head over the Class Schedule page, then pick up the phone! m


Aug 4, 2017-Hello Everyone! I am working on the Fall 2017 Schedule. If you have tuned into the Sew And Sews Place FB page you may have noticed I asked you all for your feedback on your preference of days for Sewing Lounge.  Would you rather have Sewing Lounge on Wednesdays or Thursdays, 9-12:30? I will toss in an occasional Saturday just mix it up.

Please email me at Molly@SewAndSewsPlace.com or send me a PM on the FB page by Friday, August 19th. I need to hear from at least 12 people to make it firm on one day or the other. m

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